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French Salad



Place the frozen content of the package into melted fat or add a small amount of water, season as you like and steam until cooked, stir occasionally.


Storage at home: ***-Deep freeze (at -18°C or colder) -compartment, -cabinet: see code **-compartment: 1 month *-Ice cubes box: 1 week Do not refreeze after defrosting!


Carrots, peas, potatoes and sweetcorn; in variable weight ratio.

Durchschnittliche Nährwerte

Nährwerte pro 100g
Kohlenhydrate  12 g
davon Zucker  2,5 g
Brennwert kcal 65 kcal
Brennwert kJ 275 kJ
Fett  0,4 g
davon  gesättigte Fettsäuren 0,1 g
Ballaststoffe  2,4 g
Eiweiß  2,5 g
Salz  0,04 g